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Labofun is the website for everybody who wants to learn in a pleasant way. The curriculum is brought in small movies, forming a complete course when combined. You can view individual movies to better understand a certain concept or you view the complete series on a certain subject, using it as a course.

Flipping the classroom

The movies can be used in the classroom with the teaching method of the “Flipped classroom” or with differentiated or inquiry based learning. Teachers who would like to get course material can request that through contact. And if you want to contribute, so much the better.

Subjects :
Physics Mathematics Biology Chemistry ...

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We offer the curriculum in short movies. The PPT’s which go with the lessons can be found as pdf file.
Everything on this website is free and will remain free!

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The first video’s in the English section of the website are a fact!

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We are still in full development and have only a few pages ready. So be a little patient. You are always welcome to help develop this website, so if you want, let us know!